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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

jb lg Kwlsw rhy inAwrw ] qb lg qyj dIau mYN swrw ]
As long as the Khalsa remains distinct, I shall bestow glory on them

jb ieh ghY ibprn kI rIq ] mYN nw kroN ien kI pRqIq ]
When they follow the opposite way, then I shall no longer trust them

-Guru Gobind Singh Ji

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The Sikh Sabha was founded in 1996 and incorporated in November 1997. Since 1996 we have been organizing weekly Kirtan programs and classes for children in various rented locations in the Mercer County area.

In April of 1999, the tercentenary year of the Khalsa, we adopted a constitution which reflects the Rehat Maryada and the teachings of the Gurus in terms of running an organization. We stand for a selection process, where those who wish to perform sewa volunteer for the task. We eliminated the election process and membership. The Gurdwara will be run by a board of Gursikh directors and trustees who will rotate their duties depending on their abilities and preferences. The leaders of our community will look and behave like Sikhs of the Guru. Our intention is to ensure that the politics and problems of operating a Gurdwara does not distract the sewadars from their important tasks which include, as a minimum:

Educating the children about our religion and way of life, including teaching children the principles of Sikhism, Gurmukhi and Kirtan.

Ensuring that children remain Gursikh, follow the Rehat Maryada and do not deviate from the commandments of the Guru.

Creating an atmosphere in the Gurdwara where all, of all faiths, can come together and listen to the word of the Guru.

Helping to facilitate the Gurus pledge that only in the Sadh Sangat (the sangat which is truly one with the Guru) can one feel and experience supreme bliss and contentment, by reciting the Naam.

Helping all those who are disadvantaged in the local community, irrespective of their faith.

Giving all an opportunity to perform Gurdwara sewa such as preparing langar, performing Kirtan, cleaning, kar sewa and other forms of sewa.

The Sikh community of New Jersey has made tremendous progress in the last few years. With the Grace of Waheguru, we in Mercer County intend to set up the Gurdwara in about one year. Your help is needed. The small local sangat of about 30 families has already committed upwards of several thousand dollars in cash and also monthly commitments of the $4000 for the mortgage for several years. In 2002 we bought 23 acres of land to build the Gurudwara Sahib.

The land consists of 23 acres of which over half is wooded, and the remainder grassland. The lot is ideal for a Gurdwara, with room for expansion. Parking will not be a problem. In addition, there is enough land for organizing outdoor activities such as games and camps. The land is bordered by RT I-295 on the east side, forest on the north and south sides and a small factory on the west side. There are no residential areas adjacent to the lot. Access is from RT 1 near Quaker Bridge Mall and also from exit 65A of RT 295. Our intention is to build a two-story building ( total 20,000 sq ft) to house the Diwan hall, Langar hall, Kitchen and classrooms.  Phase 1will be for 5000 sq ft  and will suffice for many years. Phase 2 will be a much larger Gurdwara , two levels, total of 20,000 sq ft. 


Please mail your donation  to:

Sikh Sabha, PO Box 6565
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

We thank you and look forward to seeing you in our Gurdwara. Please include your address so that we may send you a receipt and keep you informed of the status of the Gurdwara in the coming months.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Board of Trustees

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updated July 2004



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